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Southern New Jersey Development Council

Contact: Marlene Z. Asselta, President


Photo of Southern New Jersey Development Council

The Southern New Jersey Development Council functions as a Government Affairs Liaison and Economic Development Advocate.

The professional SNJDC staff work on behalf of its membership and the southern eight counties of New Jersey in order to create a better economic environment in the region. Acting as the unified voice of South Jersey, the Development Council:

  • Routinely hosts popular events
  • Distributes membership wide publications
  • Tracks bills in the state legislature
  • Researches development of construction projects
  • Arranges meetings with member organizations and elected officials
  • Disseminates member organizations’ news/announcements

Our membership is comprised of key leaders and decision-makers from the public and private sectors. SNJDC represents organizations among 30 broad business types, including casino/gaming industry development, education, engineers, the health care industry, transportation, and tourism. SNJDC is proud to contribute to our region’s growth by working cooperatively with the region’s county economic development directors in serving as Southern New Jersey’s “Unified Voice for Progress.”

As a 501(c)(6) non-profit organization the SNJDC relies on its membership for funding. Therefore, SNJDC requires an annual contribution from its membership for the continuation of Council services.

Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday  9-5