As you are aware, Governor Murphy signed a new minimum wage law.

Here’s what you need to know:

♦  July 1, 2019 minimum wage rate increases to $10/hour

♦  January 1, 2020 minimum wage rate increases again to $11/hour

♦  January 1, 2024 minimum wage rate will be $15/hour

♦  Seasonal businesses and businesses with less than 6 employees will have a longer phase-in time to reach $15/hour by the year 2026.

♦  Agricultural workers’ minimum wage rate will rise to $12.50/hour by 2024, but no higher without review by the NJ Dept of Labor & Workforce, and with legislative approval.

♦  Training wages are allowed for new employees. A sub-minimum wage rate may be paid for the first 120 hours of work, but can not be less than 90% of the current minimum wage.

♦  Tipped wages will increase from $2.13/hour to $5.13/hour. Wage plus tips must equal the current hourly minimum wage rate.