Meet Melanie Willoughby

Good Morning,

On behalf of the New Jersey Business Action Center (BAC), I am pleased to inform you that we are from state government and are absolutely here to help you and your business community! I know this for a fact because I have had the distinct honor and privilege to join the Murphy Administration as the Executive Director of the BAC.

I bring a new perspective to this position. As Chief Government Affairs Officer at the New Jersey Business & Industry Association (NJBIA), I managed the Government Relations Department of the largest state-wide business association in the country. Thru my tenure at NJBIA, I worked to provide state legislative and regulatory advocacy and compliance information to improve a business’ bottom line.

The team at the BAC is pro-business and proactive. We serve as the advocates for all businesses, navigating the government services and programs on their behalf to provide optimum conditions for business growth and job creation. We are the “one-stop,” no-cost resource for everything companies need to do business in New Jersey. We help all businesses, both large and small. From Fortune 500 companies to Main Street businesses, we are just one call away. Call us at 800-Jersey-7, or check out our website for more details:

If you have any business concerns, questions or would like to establish a direct connection with the BAC where there hasn’t been one already, please feel free to reach out to me at 609-633-8301 or We are committed to the success of every business and committed to help them navigate the State of New Jersey’s services and programs. Together we can make a difference.

Thank you,

Best regards,

Melanie Willoughby, Executive Director
New Jersey Business Action Center