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Calling All Leaders: Identify your why, calculate your what, map your how, partner with your who, schedule your when.

Let’s face it, we all need to increase our leadership skills. Whether it’s a meeting, project team, staff or volunteer group, the ability to look for the Big Picture and help the team focus is paramount for all of us and critical to the future success of our organizations, companies and Salem County.

Learn to effectively lead any team to focus and ask the important questions that will bring out the best in each team member! Learn listening techniques that will help you identify the key points of each meeting so you, your team and company soar!

Presentation by: Mike Gorman, President of Salem Community College

Friday, June 9, 2017
8am – 10:00am
Salem Community College, Davidow Hall
Room 104, 460 Hollywood Avenue, Carneys Point, NJ

RSVP – June 1, 2017
$10 Chamber Member
$20 per Potential Chamber Member