Ms. Cynthia Davis

Decorative QuoteI am nominating this person due to the strength and loyalty she has shown during the Covid outbreak while serving her clients here in Salem County.

Cynthia Davis is a CNA employed through Bayada. She also has several clients through the state’s PPP program and self pay clients. She takes care of the physically disabled, the senior population as well as younger clients, also the mentally ill.

During the Covid outbreak her job took on many new roles, not expected or reimbursed for.

Some of her daily duties include helping her clients with daily living skills as well as light cleaning and food preparation.

With the new normal she now has taken on more in-depth of a role due to the lack of clients family members being available, such as: medication ordering, picking them up from the pharmacy, dispersing them in proper daily containers, grocery shopping, laundry, yard work, and using her own phone for tele-med conferences for her patients with their doctors.

Instead of going down the road as a lot of her co-workers did by quitting their jobs for the fear of getting Covid, not to mention they made more money staying home collecting the “new” unemployment rates brought on by the virus, Cyndi remained faithful to her clients. She quickly became their “family member”, not letting one of them want for anything!

Oh how I wish more of us had her attitude! Her job is not just a job, it’s a passion for helping those who can not help themselves.

While she is currently working full time, raising her own family at home, enjoying being a first time grandmother, she is pursuing a career as an RN and is currently enrolled in Salem Community College.

Her current clients will someday miss her ……… but her new patients will be blessed! Let’s keep her in Salem County!