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Karen McCreery-Founder/OwnerKaren McCreery-Founder/Owner
Holistic Health + Wellness Practitioner
Nutrition + Supplementation Practitioner
Certified Revelation Wellness® Fitness Instructor

We take a whole person (mind, body, and soul) approach to true freedom in your health and wellness journey. We get to the root cause of disease and dysfunction to heal from the inside out!

  • BODY – Our bodies are designed to thrive if given the right environment. Learn how to simplify nutrition, movement/exercise, maximize energy, improve sleep, conquer cravings, release weight, and develop healthy and sustainable habits that last a lifetime.
  • MIND – Learn how to renew your mind, unlearn old patterns of thoughts and behaviors which create new neuropathways in the brain. Gain practical strategies and tools to change the relationship with yourself, from a place of love, gratitude, and positive perspective.
  • SOUL – Experience true freedom by healing root causes, deepening your faith, and reconnecting with your soul’s purpose and passions. Awaken to the true essence of who God called you to be!