Chamberwear is Here!


Did you miss the opportunity to order a t-shirt from our last promotion? No problem! 
Now you can order t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, mugs, and much more ANYTIME. And every purchase is a fundraiser for The Chamber and helps us continue to serve all businesses in Salem County.

Chamber T-Shirt Fundraiser Using New Slogan

Thanks to all the folks who ordered Chamber fundraiser T-Shirts! The shirts are printing and will be sent to you within 2 weeks!

“Your Success is Our Business!”

The Chamber’s Marketing Committee ran a contest last month asking folks for ideas for a new slogan that could be used on T-Shirts and promotional items. 
The response was overwhelming!  So many great ideas were submitted and although it was difficult to choose, we now have a new slogan submitted by Diane Sparks of DHS Marketing Solutions!
Thanks to all who sent in their terrific ideas and congratulations Diane for helping us develop a new slogan!

Kudos To Local Businesses For Great Customer Service

Thanks to everyone who participated in The Chamber’s Customer Service Survey.  We asked folks their opinions on Customer Service and received a terrific response.  When we asked for examples of good service, folks recognized some of our local businesses.  We’d like to congratulate the following businesses on their exemplary customer service:

The Survey Question:  Please tell us the best customer experience you’ve ever had?  Can be in relation to a phone conversation or a brick and mortar store visit.

At Hassler Repair Garage, they are always knowledgeable and very polite. Calls are returned promptly and they can always get me in for an appointment at a reasonable time.

In Ranch Hope in Pennsville, when the manager offered us a bundled deal on the furniture we were buying. Not only was she extremely outgoing and pleasant, but to get a discount on top of everything was awesome.

The wait staff at the Salem Oak Diner paid attention while I was there. Kept my coffee cup full, took empty plates away, pleasant all around!

I found a car I was interested in at Bobbitt Auto, given a test drive. We waited over a week to followup and see if it was still their, didn’t get nagging call after visit or pushy sales person, Everyone always gives pleasant greeting there. This is 3rd vehicle from there.

Peebles – they know who you are, care about the community and are very helpful without being annoying…their staff are all very kind and helpful

My accountant, Crouch & Company. everyone is friendly and greets you by name.

It was Atlantic City Electric who promptly fixed my issue and the representative on the phone was very nice and helpful.

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Tips for Promoting Your Business

Chamber Tip of the Week

  • List products/services you offer on the back of your business cards.
  • Network as much as possible.  Engage folks in conversation and exchange business cards
    whenever possible.  A great place to start is by planning to attend a Chamber event every
    month.  Remember our events are open to your staff, so if you can’t be there send one of your
    employees to represent your company.
  • Utilize The Chamber’s weekly E-News often (write an article, submit a sale flyer, etc) – our
    distribution is over 5,000 folks weekly.  Deadline for submissions is Wednesday at noon – email
    to Jennifer@salemcountychamber.com
  • Develop partnerships with other businesses for referrals.  In example, if you are a painter carry
    business cards for other contractors to refer to your current Customers.  Someone who trusts
    you will appreciate your referral.
  • Supply The Chamber office with your business cards and brochures.  We use them for relocation
    packages, tourist information packages and display in our office for folks who walk in seeking
  • Attend at least one Chamber event per month.  People are more likely to do business with
    someone they know.
  • Give your employees and Customer’s T-Shirts with your business name/logo – it’s great
  • Implement business logo dress shirts/golf shirts for your employees, great advertising and they
    are a constant advertisement for your business when employees are in and out of the office.
  • Press releases – Did you promote an employee?  Have a business milestone?  Send a press
    release and photo to the local news media, and post it on Social Media.
  • Utilize Your Email – Be sure to add your URL and company logo to all of your outgoing email. Try
    adding your mission statement, or a catchy phrase to help people understand what you do.
    Change it a several times a year so people notice it again.

Salem County Chamber

Did you know? That all Chambers of Commerce are independent and privately funded by Memberships? The Salem County Chamber of Commerce serves businesses here locally. When you invest in this Chamber, your money is used to market, promote and support the entire Salem County business community. We have a full time staff and group of dedicated volunteers who dedicate their time and talents to help strengthen all businesses in Salem County. Dollars spent with this Chamber stay here and serve the best interests of local businesses.